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  1. Standard oil-cooled capacitor with high voltage and high current.
  2. A copper plate capacitor (without insulating oil) can be additionally available for smaller size.
  3. With 24H working capacity, high dustproof capacity, enough cooling equipment to run at 100% power


Model LTZ-110-20
Input voltage 380VAC/415VAC/440VAC (± 15%) three-phase
Input power 110KVA
Oscillation frequency 1K to 20KHz
Cooling water flow 30L/MIN, 2.5Kg-cm2 (35psi)
Host protection module DC overcurrent protection
AC overcurrent protection
Under-phase protection
Input overvoltage protection
Output overvoltage protection
Underwater protection
Over temperature protection
Lead-out line Start stop signal
Machine running signal
DC 0~5V (4-20mA) power control (optional)
RS485 power control (optional)
Estimated weight Host weight: 95KG
Extension weight: 50KG
Estimated size Host size: 87H/40W/75D
Standard Capacitor Size: 46H/40W/48D



Forging industry, heat shrinking, laboratory vacuum melting furnace, scrap metal recycling chain, rubber coated metal recycling